the corrective rape of lesbians is a huge problem that it feels like isn’t really talked about; I think there are people who believe that since we are not attracted to men we don’t have to deal with their violence, but that’s not true.

and it happens globally. Overt and covert. Rich and poor. Young and old.

It’s hinted at when straight guys get aroused about girls hooking up. Think about it.

It’s in porn. All. The. Time.

It’s sometimes called the “cotton ceiling”.

It’s practiced in a hundred cultures as an acceptable “treatment” or even a “punishment” for lesbians. Overtly. And it sets an example for the next generation.

It’s an implicit and often invisible result of arranged marriages, child brides, or religious or cultural pressures that leave no option besides a heterosexual marriage.

It’s done by individual male rapists who are lesophobic and practice hate crimes against lesbians to dominate, enforce their political views and many other fucked up reasons.

This is something we need to talk about, bring into the open, and destroy. Burn all rapists. Free all lesbians







I have close friends who live right near there.

I think it speaks to my current mental state vis-a-vis anti-semitism that I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t a real gun instead of being outraged at the fact that a hate crime was perpetrated against Jews on Rosh HaShanah. 

yes but take a step back and realize how truly fucked that is

"yes there was a gun crime but thank god it wasn’t a real gun this time, it’s better than normal!"

it’s not normal to be shot at at your site of worship, or at all

why is this our normal

It really shouldn’t be. It really shouldn’t. But between the shootings, the property damage, the assaults, the shops refusing Jewish customers, the removal of the Kosher sections, the continued denials that anti-semitism is an issue at all… My expectations for humane treatment have been severely lowered this year. This blog’s existence is largely a product of that frustration and disappointment. I’m worried that our “normal” is going to get a hell of a lot worse before a critical mass of goyim notice or care.

theyll never care, even if they ever notice


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I am a new radfem, adorer of your blog, and I need help getting things organized in my head. How do you justify using the dictionary definition of female while rejecting the definition of racism? If one is biased, doesn't it follow that the other does too? I ask because I agree completely that female means xx chromosomes, uterus and ovaries etc, but it feels like there's a hole in the logic I want to close up and I'm having trouble doing so on my own.

shamelesslyunladylike answered:

I actually don’t like to use the dictionary at all. What we use to define “female” is actually the biological definition for sex determination in eukaryotic living beings. More specifically, we use the biological definition for sex determination in mammals, since not all animals use the XX-XY system. Birds, for example, have a different sex determination system where the female is the one with the two different chromossomes (ZW) and males have two of the same (ZZ), and in several species of insects the sex is determined not by which chromossomes they have, but how many they have. The female has two (XX) and the male has only one (X0). In all of these cases, though, the female is the one that produces the eggs, which is also true for mammals, humans included.

I don’t think you can really compare these two cases also because race, like gender, is socially constructed, and perceptions of race vary greatly from place to place. For example, where I live I am considered white, and privileged for that. But if I moved to the United States, I wouldn’t be considered white by the people who live there: for them I am brown/latina. Sex determination, though, does not depend on the social environment you live in. It existed way before society existed. It existed even before humanity itself started roaming the Earth. Biological sex is a material reality.

I hope this answers your question!